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Iskander Mejbri

I am an innovative software engineer with 4 years of experience working with different programming languages and frameworks.

You can check my github potfolio or my curriculum vitae to have an idea about the projects I worked on.

CV (english)
CV (french)







Professional Experiences

I developed many mobile, web and desktop applications using Java, C#, Javascript, Angular, Ajax, Ionic and more.

With ApexiaHRLeave, your HR team and your managers will be able to monitor the vacation balances and absences of their teams and of the entire company. ApexiaHRLeave was developed by JavaEE and Angular

Development of a responsive web application for online consultations using PHP framework Symfony.

Development of a desktop application for medication management within a pharmacy using Java and Swing .

Development of an insurance platform using Angular and Spring.

Development of the web and mobile version of a recruitment application using Dotnet and IOS.